How to Investment and Investments Plans In India

Best Investments Plans In India We all wish to go for investments which give us safe returns, are less risky, have our desired maturity periods & it will be a cherry on the cake if these investments also get us deductions from tax liability. Here we discuss many Investment Plans available in India like – PPF – Public Provident Funds, Life Insurance Premium, Medical Insurance Premium, Mutual Funds, Housing Loans, Term Deposits With Banks, Autosweep Accounts, National Saving Certificate, Tuition Fees. Now You can scroll down below and check more details for “Best Investments Plans In India”

So, lets discuss and find the best investments for you..

PPF – Public Provident Funds

Any person can open a PPF account with a nationalized bank and make a very safe and secure deposit. The minimum contribution required in a year is Rs. 500 and the maximum could be of Rs. 1.5 Lacs. There is a lock in period of 15 years and all these years, you will be getting interest on your accrued interest too! Isn’t it awesome? Also, interest received each year is exempt & the contribution made each year is allowed as deduction under chapter VI A.

Life Insurance Premium

Not just insurance for life, we also get tax deductions. Also, there are various moneyback or bonus schemes. Please consider your nearest insurance agent to get detailed info of the various insurance plans & find the one that suits you the best!

Medical Insurance Premium

Just like the above, it won’t just provide you with a medical insurance, which will help you at times of medical emergency (We hope it never arrives!), but also get you a deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Isin’t Mediclaim a worthwhile outflow?

Mutual Funds

Provided you have the risk bearing capacity & please make sure that you read the offer document carefully, these investments are worthwhile! Also, for specific equity linked mutual funds, you can avail tax deduction.

Housing Loans

These are considered to be one of the best tax investments. Interest upto RS. 2 Lakhs can be availed to set off house property income. Principal amount repaid can be deducted U/s. 80C. Not just loan at a very low rate, you also get huge deductions.

Term Deposits With Banks

Commonly called FD or FDR, these are again a good way to pool your savings and keep them safe. And, also receive interest! Tax saver FDRS are also a good option in this regard.

Autosweep Accounts

Most of the banks provide this facility. It is just like your normal Savings Account except for one additional feature. When the balance exceeds a particular limit, lets say 20K, the excess will be AUTOmatically SWEEPed (thus, Autosweep) into a FDR & whenever you need that money, well you can anytime withdraw it just like a normal SB A/c.

National Saving Certificate

Just like the PPF, NSC is again investment with the Government. So, it has to be safe & provide tax benefits. They are also for a fixed term & provide good returns.

Tuition Fees

Well, this is not exactly an investment. But the reason to include this in this article, is just to make sure, you don’t forget to claim its deduction!
These investments might move you in a lower slab & reduce your taxability quite much & provide you good returns at the same time!


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