How to Become Your Own Boss With No Money Down

Large corporations are downsizing and moving their businesses to cheaper labor areas. Many good hard working people have found themselves on the unemployment line. There may be an opportunity in your area to start a business with low or no money down. Agency operators for car rental locations are in demand in many areas in
the United States. Avis, Budget and Hertz have car rental locations owned by them but run by independent business people.

The first step is to contact the company you would like to be affiliated with. Check the local car rental offices near you to see what brand might be available. Visit car rental locations and ask questions.

Contact the company and let them know you are interested. There may by agency opportunities posted in the newspaper or on the internet. Monster, Career Builder, or Craig’s list often have agency operator listings posted.

To be considered for an agency operator position you must be accepted by the company. A thorough application is required and they will most often perform a credit check. When you are accepted, the work begins.

There are some minor costs you will incur in the beginning. You will have to set up a corporation for your business. A lawyer is recommended for this step; however it is possible to do over the internet. Another advantage of hiring an attorney is at the time of reviewing the contract. The company must protect their assets and there will be a lot of reading to do. The contract is drawn up by lawyers and is difficult for the average person to understand. Make sure you understand everything on your contract before signing it. An accountant will charge a small fee to set you up with the necessary tax identification numbers you will need to operate legally. The rental company may require you to have business liability insurance. Get all of the necessary requirements before contacting an insurance company.

It is possible for small neighborhood car rental locations to function with one person, but it can be very stressful . Many times family members will help i the beginning. If your location is in a large city, you may consider hiring at least one person to assist you. Having your own rental car agency has its ups and downs. Great costumes service skills are very important. You will be constantly dealing with customers on the phone and at the counter. You will be responsible for renting and cleaning cars.


National Recognition

Choosing from the top three auto rental companies will give you the creditability of a reputable company.

Established Location

Most likely you will be placed in a location that has been servicing rental car customers for a while. This gives you a customer base to start your business. You will have a phone listing in the book and online. That is a great advantage over starting your own business from scratch. No rent expense to you.


No inventory to purchase. The company provides you with the latest models of cars, vans and sport utility vehicles. They also license, insure and maintain them.


Before the first vehicle is ranted under your name, you will undergo complete training from the company. No experience is needed to start your agency. The company will tech you their procedures for customer issues, computer applications and sales training.

Office Equipment

Desks, Computers, Phones and fax machines are usually provided by the company.


Long Hours

Most car rental locations are open 7 days a week. Early hours for corporate customers are common.


A corporate dispatcher is in charge of any rental you may need. Sometimes this is a problem during holidays when the demand for rental vehicles is high.

Cleaning Supplies

Rental cars must be clean and ready to rent. Some companies may provide a vacuum cleaner, but other cleaning solutions are the agency operator’s expense.


Hiring qualified assistants is your expense. You are responsible for their actions in the eye of the company. Workman’s Compensation Insurance, Unemployment Insurance and all necessary federal and state taxes must be filed and paid on time.
Car rental companies compensate their independent contractors on a commission basis. A respectable income can be earned by a hard working agency operator without a large initial investment.


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