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If you convert the pound to HKD, you will know that one British pound currently equals 8.3874HKD; mathematically, 1GBP=8.3874HKD.


The official currency of the UK and Northern Ireland is the pound.

It is to be noted that the pound is the fourth most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market.


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It is the code of the Hong Kong Dollar with the symbol HK$.

Although Hong Kong was a dependent territory of the UK, it maintained its separate monetary system.

Converting Pounds to HKD:

hkd to gbp

Converting currency rates is not difficult at all; rather, it can be done easily with the help of a Currency Converter.

It calculates in real time as you type. Currency rates are updated frequently.

GBP to HKD Conversions:


Latest Rates of Pound to HKD (last 30 days)

These are the rates of Pounds to HKD in the last 30 days of September and October 2022.

gbp uk

How did HKD establish?

hkd to gbp

In 1841, Hong Kong was founded as a free trading port.

Hong Kong was among the colonies of the British government at that time.

A policy was made by the British government to implement the pound sterling into all of its colonies.

Hong Kong preferred to use Spanish coins instead of the pound sterling.

HKD is used in both Hong Kong and Macau, and the exchange rates are similar because both regions are close to each other.

A Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is commonly known as honkie among English-speaking ex-pats who live in Hong Kong.

A look back at GBP to HKD rates :

pound to hkd
At the end of World War II, Hong Kong was liberated from Japanese occupation.

The value of the sterling went down in 1967, and in turn, the dollar pegged to the pound was increased to 14.54 dollars, remaining in place until 1972.

Current Value of HKD :


For 2022, one British Pound has equaled.

Average: HK$ 9.791
Minimum: HK$ 8.286
Maximum: HK$ 10.689

In the last decade, the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) has seen lows of 16.39 in November of 2007, climbing to 10.5 against the pound by January 2009.

It has remained relatively steady at just under 13.5 HKD to pound since 2009.

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