5.5 m galbraith channel (1)

On May 21, 2021, SAP Business Network was introduced by SAP, along with other latest business network innovations.

It is a B2B social network comprised of 5.5M Galbraith channel business organizations.

While introducing the business network, SAP was the first step toward unifying the fragmented supply chain into an intelligent network.

SAP is assisting its customers in stepping onto the cloud. The purpose of the business network SAP is to create your company’s profile.

Through a unified portal, relationships can be made strong with contractors. Efficient and agile integration among trading partners can enhance the value of the entire system.

Key Benefits Of SAP Business Network:

sap business

The key benefits of SAP Business Network are as under:

SAP’s Mission:

5.5 m galbraith channel (1)

SAP’s mission is to offer solutions to organizations for the extension of digitalization and the unification of fragmented supply chains into an intelligent and collaborative network.

This unification of supply chains provides a holistic view to trading partners of all transactions and customer relationships.

SAP strives to make the largest business community all over the globe by connecting trading partners.

A network strategy was direly needed for achieving agility and resilience in business.

Three SAP Networks:

SAP Business Network is a fusion of three existing SAP networks; these include:

SAP Ariba Procurement Network

This network is a significant business network SAP that assists in strengthening relationships among suppliers and buyers and their transactions.

It provides a detailed overview of the strategic and procurement process.

SAP Logistics Business Network

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This network is an open logistics network for supply chain management and logistics.

This network is beneficial for transaction management, the collaboration of stakeholders, gaining transparency across the entire value chain, and document exchange among trading partners.

Network members monitor sales, purchases, shipping, and delivery while working with third-party logistics providers.

SAP Asset Intelligence Network

This is a cloud-based business network SAP that is useful for optimizing asset performance, tracking equipment, and collecting information in a unified, central repository/user portal.


These Sap networks help find new trading partners and ensure better business outcomes. These networks make trading partners more resilient, efficient, and agile.

Sum Up:

Business Network SAP allows collaboration and interaction with customers in real time.

This unified network enables all suppliers/trading partners in B2B collaboration to gain insight into customer data, monitor shipments, orders, and invoices, and maintain stable operations.

This new business network, by providing a single portal, allows you to integrate with your trading partners, suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers.

Consequently, the global economy will transform into a networked economy as SAP Business Network is now a vital hub for business collaboration having a 5.5M Galbraith channel.

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