Monday, May 29, 2023

Write For Us

Financial News Express aims to provide engaging and informative content on global financial topics such as Property, Finance, Business, Loan, Insurance etc.

Requirements For A Writer:

You are supposed to conduct research on the topics and write fascinating and informative articles. The content must be engaging and easy to read. You will focus mainly on finance, business, loan and insurance, but some other topics may also come up occasionally.

How Do We Work With You?

An application can be reviewed up to 3 days before it is processed. If you intend to write for us, please click the “apply” button below, share your CV along with your application letter, and let us know why we should hire you over anyone else who applies for this job.

Guidelines For Article Submission:

  1. You must create a Google Business listing.

  2. While submitting, all the links will be live when we review them. Submission will be postponed until the issue is fixed if we find any of the links are not working.

  3. Please ensure that your post is written in grammatically correct English that is easy to read.

  4. Rewriting the older content is not accepted at all.

   5. The writers need to provide information with a relevant authentication base because we are dedicated to maintaining the reputation of consistent and reliable knowledge. The writers must be well aware that the targeted audience is real information seekers who tend to find benefits from the information our website provides.

   6. The writer should produce unbiased content about any product, company, or individual. You should not use any article or part of an item to promote anything. Being reliable sources of information providers, we do not believe in wasting our reader’s time by making them read promotional messages unwillingly. Therefore, the information provided by the writer must be a value for time read.

    7. The decision of article acceptance or rejection entirely depends on the editorial board without any explanation from the board. Every decision (acceptance or rejection) of the editorial board is considered final per the report.

   8. No wrong claims regarding data from the writer will be accepted. While writing Business and Finance articles, the writers are asked to provide the source of analytics to verify data. The writer must include pictures, graphs, and screenshots to provide evidence.

   9. The writers are asked to produce content never published before because we tend to deliver valuable content for readers. The data is checked using copy space or other plagiarism tools to maintain the originality of the content.

   Financial News Express publishes original and high-quality authentic articles. The writers and editors are responsible for the authenticity and quality of their content.